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Culturally and financially the people of Troy are diverse. The local colleges attract international students and faculty, many of whom end up staying in Troy beyond their initial college experience. Financially, as well, Troy has attracted a diverse population. There are always those seeking opportunities, and an increasing number of individuals making opportunities. Troy has its share of urban and rural poor, as well as poor students. The City also is home to families who shape industry and financial markets, and the untold many who earn a middle income .

As evidence by the number of health care businesses and professionals, Troy has a large and growing retirement community. Its many schools are evidence of the many young families living in the area. Likewise, the many new housing developments and new businesses suggest a large and growing prime of their life population. And of course, the transient population of students attending the area's many colleges heavily influences demographic statistics.

Rensselaer Country 1990 US Census Summary

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