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History of Troy -- Cultural footnotes...

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Largely due to the diverse population that Troy has attracted, its cultural cross section is equally diverse. Inspired by the times, by the spirit, by hardship, and by opportunity, its people continue to build a unique cultural legacy.

The charming and widely-known Christmas legend, A Visit from Saint Nicholas, written by Clement Clarke Moore, LL. D., professor of Oriental and Greek literature in the General Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in New York City, was first published and illustrated in Troy. Five years after the first publication of the legend in the Troy Sentinel, the name of the author was disclosed to the editor of that journal (and to the world). Myron King made, about the year 1830, the woodcut which embellished the popular poetical composition. (1) 96

A concert hall like none other. The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, occupying the upper stories of the Troy Savings Bank, has been described as having near perfect accoustics. Hundreds of world-renowned performers and performances have graced its stage.

Hollywood on the Hudson. Since the 1970's eleven big-budget Hollywood productions have been filmed in and around Troy. With the help of NY State's Office for Film and Television Development, Troy's Victorian charm has graced the big screen several times -- including 1984's The Bostonians, 1987's Ironweed, 1992's Scent of A Woman, 1993's The Age of Innocence. Why here? Imagine any service that 140 people might need if they're living in a community for 30 days. A crew that has a positive experience will remember resources and friendliness. Two or three films down the road someone will say, 'Oh, they have that... That's a good place to shoot a film.'" (3) H-5


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