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History of Troy

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Troy has two histories - the place and its people. As a place, throughout its history its been in the right location (e.g. transportation, resources, etc.). Its people, Uncle Sam in particular, give the city character, make it dynamic and warm. Recently, a statue of Uncle Sam was put on display, commemorating his role in Troy's history.

Statue of Uncle Sam

Since its early American agricultural days, Troy was settled and grew due to its location relative to the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers, and later the Erie and Champlain Canals. Later still, the railroads stuck close to the rivers, as did the interstate-highways. Now, Troy is well connected via cabling and the airwaves to all modern communications channels.

These avenues emphasize what can come and go through Troy. However, this activity level has always attracted many people claiming Troy as their new home. These people have often worked for or started businesses and organizations that helped define the region's economic landscape - first in agriculture, and later most notably as a founding partner to the industrial revolution. Now, Troy has transitioned to a service economy - particularly restaurants, and centers for education as well as a center for high tech. and small business development.

Uncle Sam...

In the beginning...

Feudalism in Troy...

A modern economy...


Religious freedom...

Educational opportunity...

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