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Things to do in Troy for $5.00
A weekly article published by TroyBoy, currently attending RPI.

Climate and Weather
A number of national weather service links are provided, with programmed links to their Albany/Troy information.

Stock Quotes
Links to stock quotes for publicly traded companies of local interest.

People from around the world find themselves in Troy, many have stayed for longer than expected.

Cost of Living
Housing, Food, Transportation, other Goods and Services are competitively priced.

New Additions to the WWWeb site...
Month-to-month list of changes and additions made to the WWWeb site.

Offices and officials.

Kidz Resources
Schools, Playgrounds, Pools, Museums, etc.

Special Interest Periodicals
College News, WantAds, Real Estate, etc.

Internet Service Providers
A list of local and national ISPs along with a profile on each company, including their rates, phone numbers, address, etc.

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