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S a m     W i l s o n ' s
F a m i l y     H i s t o r y

"Uncle Sam" Wilson's roots go back to 17th Century Scotland. His only descendents are from his son Benjamin Wilson, an attorney. Benjamin married Mary Wood - who had attended Emma Willard's Troy Female Seminary in the 1830's.

Brief highlights of Sam Wilson's family Genealogy

1600 3 Wilson brothers emigrate from Scotland. They settle in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. Sam's family stems from the Massachusetts line.
1665 Robert Wilson buys land near Boston, MA.
1758 Edward Wilson - born 1734, in W. Cambridge, MA - married Lucy Francis - born 1739, Medford, MA
1780 The family moves to Mason, NH. Sam learns brick making.
1781 Sam enlists in the Revolutionary Army at age 15. He was a service boy tending livestock and repairing fences.
1789 Sam and brother Ebenezer travel on foot to Troy, NY to seek their fortunes. They establish a brick yard on Mt. Ida.
1793 Sam and Ebenezer begin a meat packing business.
1797 Sam goes back to NH to marry Betsey Mann - born 1773, daughter of Capt. Benjamin Mann who fought at Bunker Hill. They lived in Troy, and many of the Wilson and Mann relatives also came to Troy, including many nieces and nephews who called him "Uncle Sam".
1812 Sam wins contract to supply meat to the War Department for armies in NY and NJ. His meat is stamped U.S., and the workers joked that it meant "Uncle Sam".
1816 Sam's father, Edward dies in Troy, June 17. Buried at Mt. Ida.
1835 Sam's mother, Lucy dies in Mason, NH, December 8.
1854 Sam dies on July 31 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Troy, NY.
1961 Congress salutes "Uncle Sam" Wilson of Troy, NY as the progenitor of America's national symbol "Uncle Sam".

Family Tree

1st Generation

Edward Wilson 1734-1816
Married: Lucy Francis


Joseph 1759

Lucy 1761-1819

Edward 1762-1843 Died: Milton, NY

Ebenezer 1763-1825

Rachel 1765-1846 Married: Jona Chandler

Sam Wilson 1766-1854 Married: Betsey Mann
Born 1773

Nathaniel 1768-1854

William 1769

Aaron 1771

Infant Son 1772

Francis 1774

Andrew 1777-1841

Thomas 1778

2nd Generation

Sam Wilson 1766-1854
Married: Betsey Mann
Born 1773


Polly 1797-1805 died young

Sam 1800-1807 died young

Benjamin 1802-1859 Married: Mary Wood

Albert 1805-1866 no children

3rd Generation

Benjamin Wilson 1802-1859
Married: Mary Wood


Sarah W. 1841-1855
Born in Troy

died young

Emma 1844-1916
Born in NYC

Marion 1849
Born in Troy
Married: Frederick C. Sheldon
Lived in MN then Kansas City.

4th Generation

Marion Wilson 1849
Born in Troy

Married: Frederick C. Sheldon
Lived in MN then Kansas City.
Children: Carlton Wood 1880

Harry 1882


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Rebecca Rector, MLS, Troy, NY

Rebecca is an adjunct Librarian at Siena College, and is founder of RbInfo: Genealogy & History Research. For more information, visit http://www.capital.net/com/rbinfo

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