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Rapid Application Developers - Inc. (RAD) moves into Frear Building


RAD is a fast-growing business software applications development company currently employing approximately 50 technical and administrative staff. Nearly three years ago one of the company's original offices was located in the Frear building - situated on the corner of Fulton Street and River Streets near the River Front Park. At that time there were only two full-time employees. Subsequently, RAD has re-located to three offices in as many years - each approximately twice as large as the previous office, with more than twice as many staff. All three offices have been locate in the Atrium/Frear Building complex. The company's current location - occupying the northwest corner of the Frear Building on the 3rd floor - is their largest space to date, and their most luxurious.

The Frear Building was formerly Frear's Bazaar - a turn-of-the-century indoor shopping mall, unlike any shopping mall built today. Frear's Bazaar was the height of shopping elegance in the entire northeast - with a marble and cast iron stairway, glass dome over the central atrium, plaster-work ceilings and cast iron railings throughout. Today, the Frear Building has been extensively renovated into an office building with its historic grandeur carefully maintained. The building now houses the New York State Department of Labor, New York State Department of Health, CVS Drug Store, the Virtual Learning and Training Center (VLTC), the Republican Party Headquarters and several other small businesses.

Over the years RAD has become more and more involved in the Troy community and regional economy. Not only has the company remained in Troy, since the company's first move RAD has received designation as a New York State Minority-owned Business Enterprise and as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer. And, since the company's second move RAD worked closely with Troy City Hall to receive designation as an Economic Development Zone business. The company is now also working closely with the VLTC in a new program of identifying, training and placing Troy community members in information technology jobs. The VLTC (located on the 1st floor of the Frear Building) houses several state-of-the-art computer training labs and has established strategic relations with area businesses and labor-related service agencies. One unique feature of this new program is that the "graduates" are guaranteed jobs in one of several fields - based on their assessment results and training.

In its own right RAD is positioned as one of the northeast's leading IT project management, design, development and support organizations. They primarily assist senior information technology managers in the public and private business sectors to "exceed" their goals by providing superior information technology solutions. In particular, RAD works with Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT object oriented design and development tools (e.g. Visual Basic, Visual C++, ASP, Crystal Reports, Active Reports) and advanced database systems (e.g. MS SQL Server, Oracle) to create custom 3-tier web-enabled secure information management applications for business and government.

Their commitment and value to each client is built around a solid knowledge of their business, industry-specific expertise, access to leading software technologies, and last but not least their growing team of highly trained consultants.

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