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Uncle Sam's Placetm provides space for as many as three (3) static ads and three (3) sets of three (3) rotating ads. The rotating ads cycle once every two (2) seconds, using a JAVA-based applet shown to work on most version 3+ browsers. All static ads may range in size from 144 x ~60 pixels up to 144 x 144 pixels (i.e. original art ~2:1 - 1:1 ratios). All rotating ads must be 144 x 60 pixels (i.e. original art ~2:1 ratio, business card ratio).

If you are interested in placing an ad on the Uncle Sam's Placetm WWWeb site, please contact us for more information.

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C u r r e n t    S p o n s o r s

Web Services Group
Internet Service Provider to individuals and corporations.

Troy United Ink Corp
Not-for-profit "community communications conduit", publishing a monthly newsletter, and helping to improve the Troy community.

RiverSpark Visitor Center
Promotes Troy, provides tours and information.

Rensselaer County Chamber of Commerce
The local Chamber of Commerce provides assistance to large and small businesses, working with regional professionals and organizations.

Troy Merchants' Organization
Promotes downtown Troy and its businesses.

Rensselaer County
The county in which Troy is located.

The Wine Tours Project
On-line directory of wineries, importers, exporters, and related businesses.

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