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Mar 15, 2000

A Letter From The President

Dear Readers,

Troy United Ink has been going through some exciting new changes. Even though the reconstruction of our organization has not allowed us to produce the printed issue for the past few months, the newsletter has been available on line and I hope that you have been able to access it.

Thank you for your continued interest and support. I apologize to all our faithful readers.

The board of TUI is dedicated to our mission; providing a community newsletter where citizens and organizations together will keep each other informed and educated on matters in and of their community.

I hope that you will find the changes to the newsletter even more exciting and informative. We continue to urge you to send us your articles, schedules of events, stories, reactions and suggestions.

Thank you for the years of support and we look forward to serving the community for years to come.


Peter D. Grimm,

Mar - Rapid Application Developers - Inc. (RAD) moves into Frear Building
Mar - Saving the Past: Local Archeology Talk
Mar - Computer Classes at Troy Public Library
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Dec - A Visit From St. Nicholas - About the Poem & Poet
Dec - Celebrate! Read! December 1999 at the Troy Public Library
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Feb - Council Voting Results - January 6 - 2000
Dec - 1999 Troy Election Results
Dec - Council Voting Results - November 4 - 1999
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Mar - Funeral March for an Historic Building
Mar - Preserving the Quality of Life in Our Neighborhoods
Mar - A Letter From The President
We are a group of citizens who believe there is a need for a community newsletter that explains pertinent issues in depth, that offers information about community events, and provides an opportunity for greater communication. We encourage all community members and enthusiasts to submit letters, articles, and/or event listings.
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Nov - Old And New Businesses - Troy Pork Store & Mary Elizabeth
Oct - Troy Architecture: David Hathaway and Norton Sage continued.
Oct - Troy's New And Old Businesses

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